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Welcome to our blog. This is where you can stay up to date with news, observations, photography and more from our ecologists, reserve managers and others around the country.

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Festival of the Birds in the South West

This month Bush Heritage participated in the fifth annual South Coast Festival of Birds in South West Australia. Hosted by Green Skills and BirdLife Australia, this is a fabulous celebration of the extraordinary birds of the South West and the amazing work being done by non-government organisations, private landowners and citizens and public organisations to protect and restore bird habitat and to study and understand the birds of… Read more »

Wallaby weigh station

The Bridled Nail-tail wallaby (aka Flashjack) is one of Australia’s rarest and most endangered macropods –there are only around 300 left in the wild. On Avocet Nature Refuge, neighbouring our Goonderoo Reserve in Central Queensland, our staff and volunteers have the privilege of supporting innovative work that's successfully boosting breeding numbers in the wild. Read more »

Collaborative and high-tech Malleefowl project in the Mid-west

Located in the mid-west of Western Australia, our Charles Darwin Reserve occurs in a region that's listed as a National Important Bird Area for Malleefowl. Malleefowl are large ground-dwelling, mound-building birds listed as Vulnerable under Commonwealth biodiversity legislation and identified in the National Threatened Species Strategy.  Bush Heritage joined with our neighbours – the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Ninghan Station – as well as the North-Central… Read more »

‘Just a bit of bush’

Through the past three years we've had well-known and highly-respected South Coast botanist Libby Sandiford running a rolling vegetation survey across some of our Gondwana Link reserves. The information Libby has collated has surprised even us - we knew that what we're protecting and managing here is pretty special, but we didn't know quite how special.​ Read more »

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