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Welcome to our blog. This is where you can stay up to date with news, observations, photography and more from our ecologists, reserve managers and others around the country.

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We’re going on a frog hunt!

Larissa Lauder and Tony Loechte live at Hamelin Station Reserve with their two small children Harry and Riley. Since the new year the region has experienced high rainfall and the family has been delighted by the sounds of frogs calling. Especially as a couple of the frogs have been previously unrecorded on the property. Read more »

Return of the birds

A wide variety of birds are returning to our Monjebup North property, in the Gondwana Link pathway in southwest WA, just 4 years after the paddocks were seeded with native plants. Volunteers Annie and Ian Mayo recently spent a few days camping on the reserve in the area that was replanted in winter 2012, and they turned up a few surprises. They had volunteered to erect 30 Pygmy… Read more »

Restoring York gum woodlands in Western Australia

When my husband, Ben, and I decided to make the move to WA I was in the middle of searching for a research topic stimulating enough to study for three or more years so I could start a PhD. I’d explored several topics and spoken to potential supervisors but nothing had grabbed my attention enough to commit to another three years of study (at least). We… Read more »

The fine art of fencing Night Parrots

Fencing is a key activity on most of our Bush Heritage reserves, and many of our volunteers and donors can attest to the joy of putting them up, or more often, pulling them down.  Fences are vital infrastructure that keep feral herbivores out, and help manage their impacts on vegetation and critical habitats. At Pullen Pullen Reserve this poses a conundrum. We want to keep any… Read more »

Summer caretaking at Boolcoomatta - a shared experience (part II)

Neil and Kate Stone and their two children, Emily and Daniel, took over the responsibility of caretaking Boolcoomatta Reserve from Meredith and Tony Geyer a few days after Christmas. They spent a day with the Geyers running through the day-to-day duties and then were left to their own devices for a 3-week adventure on one of our most iconic properties. Read more »

Naree’s last volunteers for 2016

In the opposite corner of NSW, somewhere out the back of Bourke, lies Naree Station – a long way from home for us. In November 2016 we answered the call to volunteer at this iconic station owned by Bush Heritage, helping UNSW PhD student Justin McCann in his studies. We were joined by another willing, adventurous volunteer, Zoe Burke. With Justin as our fearless leader we traversed and criss-crossed kilometres… Read more »

An international student perspective of Conservation in Australia

At Bush Heritage we pride ourselves on supporting young people who are working toward a career in the sciences. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Jenn Galler who is an American student undertaking studies in sustainability and environmental action in Australia. Jenn was tasked with writing a 9000 word paper on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the links to Bush Heritage’s conservation outcomes. Read more »

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