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Updates from the Volunteer Advisory Committee

The Volunteer Advisory Committee was established in 2016 to provide a formalised opportunity for our volunteers to provide advice on volunteer related policy development and feedback into the development of new and engaging volunteer activities. John Adams is our Western Australian Representative and provides an update of our work so far.... Read more »

Size doesn’t matter in the global biodiversity hotspot of south-west Australia

In late 2009 we bought an old farm in the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link to add to our existing Monjebup Reserve.  The area of the property we called 'Monjebup North' was just over 1,100 ha in total, comprising a bit over 400 ha of country cleared for cropping and grazing, and a bit under 400 ha each of unmodified original vegetation, and country cleared… Read more »

(Little) man on a mission

The billabongs of Sunday Creek valley are a well-known feature of Yourka Reserve in far north Queensland, so when our friends from the Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association (​ANGFA) recently told us that there were feral fish present in the one below the Yourka shed we were a bit disappointed. Read more »

Dots on the land: exploring the textures, tones & forms of Hamelin Reserve

Sandy is a visual and performance artist travelling through remote Western Australia in October, facilitating the 'Dot on the Land' project. During this time Sandy is running workshops that explore the textures, tones and forms of the cultural and environmental landscape. Hamelin Reserve was her first stop. Here she writes about that experience. Read more »

Fox baiting at Boolcoomatta

The fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a brilliant animal, adaptable to so many climates, yet so destructive to our native fauna.  At Boolcoomatta Reserve Bush Heritage has been baiting foxes since 2009, with very good success. This graph of baits taken highlights the success during the initial intensive baiting program from 2009 to 2011.  Recently we completed another round of baiting, testing and recording bait take, at the same 200 bait… Read more »

Celebrating over 10 years of restoration in Gondwana Link

A beautiful field day at Monjebup Reserve to celebrate over a decade on the Gondwana Link project to help re-establish connectivity in the South-West Australian biodiversity hotspot. "The power of the recovering landscape was palpable all around us at the field day. It's wonderful reward for our collective efforts" (Simon Smale, Landscapes Manager, Gondwana Link). Read more »

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