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An eagle’s nictitating membrane

Annie and Ian Mayo are long-term valued Bush Heritage volunteers. The couple recently spent time travelling around Western Australia and volunteering at different Bush Heritage reserves. Annie sent in the following post and photo of a Wedge-tailed Eagle's evil-looking third eye-lid. Read more »

A fabulous geological field trip to Shark Bay

Bush Heritage was thrilled to again host the annual Curtin University Shark Bay field trip at the Hamelin Outback Station Stay on Hamelin Station reserve Over the past two decades Curtin University Applied Geology Students have made the trek to the Shark Bay region to examine the geology of the southern Carnarvon Basin. The students are divided into two groups. The first group arrived at the station and was given… Read more »

Pygmy acrobats finally confirmed at Yourka

Spotlighting again this week at Yourka and we’re thrilled to announce there has been another addition to the species list. Acrobates pygmaeus seems like a pretty appropriate sounding name for the world’s smallest gliding mammal, weighing in at only around 10-15g in adulthood yet boasting the ability to glide over 20m between trees and even reported to be able to run up a vertical… Read more »

Updates from the Volunteer Advisory Committee

My name is Karolee Wolcott and I’m the south-east Australian representative on the Volunteer Advisory Committee. I've been working on developing a volunteer related project to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read more »

Alwal breeding

The first surveys for Alwal (Golden-shouldered Parrots) have begun for 2017 and successfully recorded 12 nests. A team of five Olkola land managers, two University of Queensland researchers and one Bush Heritage ecologist undertook a 10 day trip to Olkola Lands on Cape York at the start of breeding season to conduct nest surveys. The nests were in various stages of advancement from nest tunnels still being dug into termite mounds to fully… Read more »