Beautiful Boolcoomatta

In May I travelled to the beautiful Boolcoomatta Station Reserve in South Australia. On my way there I was fortunate to meet up with some of Bush Heritage's fantastic Adelaide-based volunteers. This was a great opportunity to meet one another, put a face-to-a-name, and provide an update on the South Australian program.

From there I headed to Broken Hill with Katrina Blake (Access & Visitation Coordinator). What a treat to spend time with this fabulous woman. Katrina and I were heading to Boolcoomatta to review the visitation and community engagement program, and participate in NEP-Fest (the North East Pastoral Natural Resources Group Field Day, at Weekaroo Station).

We were joined by SA & Victoria Healthy Landscapes Manager Glen Norris and spent a couple of days reviewing and updating Boolcoomatta’s visitation and volunteer program.

Boolcoomatta is a Bush Heritage reserve that allows the general public to come and camp (bookings essential). It has a basic bush campground and a series of tour routes around the property that enable visitors to spend a few full days touring the property and enjoying the many sites.

The area is a spectacular, visual delight (I couldn't stop taking photos) but it also has many fascinating areas to explore from its pastoral and mining past. Katrina reviewed the tour notes and signage and I took in this amazing environment.

Boolcomatta has also been fortunate to have garnered strong support from the Bush Heritage volunteer community over the past 10 years. We have a solid group of people who regularly travel to Boolcoomatta to help with fence removal, exclusion fences, pest management, weed control, erosion control, research, infrastructure maintenance, cultural heritage management and caretaking. The property is well equipped to support volunteers with great accommodation and spectacular sunsets!