Keeping it in the family

For the past week Ian and I have been volunteering at Hamelin Station Reserve where our primary job is to remove unwanted internal fencing. With hundreds of kilometres of fence to pull, there’s plenty to keep other willing volunteers busy, should you feel so inclined.

After pulling the fences we load the wire and posts into the trailer and then unload them at the reserve ‘tip’, the final resting place of generation upon generation of station junk! Resident Reserve Field Officers, Larissa Lauder and Tony Loechte euphemistically call it the “use me later place”.

While we’ve been adding to the pile, Larissa’s Dad, Steve, has been successfully scavenging it for useful material. Steve and his wife Vanda regularly visit Larissa and Tony and their two boys Harry and Riley, both to catch up and to help around the homestead.

With Tony’s extensive ‘handyman’ skills his latest job was to create a barrier adjacent to the outdoor sitting area. Its purpose was to prevent visitors unwittingly pushing their chair off the high step behind them.

“People are going to lean on this rail once it’s built,” Tony wisely commented. And with that in mind, he built a shelf into it, a shelf that has proven to be the perfect place at the end of a hard day’s work to gather with a drink.

Well done Tony!