Winter volunteering on Scottsdale Reserve

Scottsdale Reserve is located 45 minutes south of Canberra and throughout most of the year it's a volunteer Mecca and hive of diverse outdoor activity. The winter season presents a somewhat different set of opportunities for our volunteers to support the work that we do.

With temperatures well below freezing and heavy fogs blanketing Scottsdale for most of the day, our regular volunteers have been taking their work indoors.

One such volunteer is Mel McRoberts who normally works on reserve managing our weeds and tackling other priority projects. However last Friday it was so cold on reserve that the poison used in tussock management had almost frozen solid! Mel has been able to finish this beautiful spring display of the local Scottsdale species, which she started in spring 2016.

Spring is just around the corner and once again Scottsdale will be jumping with activity and there's always plenty to do. We encourage interested locals to register to become a Bush Heritage Volunteer at our website.