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A wet, wet winter

The unprecedented rain that's fell at Ethabuka Reserve this winter has presented the Sydney University Desert Ecology Research Group with a rare chance to study life in these unusual conditions. They've been studying the ecology of the desert on Ethabuka for over 25 years and these are the most significant winter rain events experienced, leaving everyone eager to see what lies ahead. Read more »

Ethabuka volunteers

Fourteen groups of volunteers kept us busy this year. Reconstructing and strengthening boundary fences was the top priority. In one particularly mammoth undertaking, volunteers managed to pull down and wind up 20km of fence in two days! On another day, two teams went out and put in an extra 2,000 posts at weak points along a fence to strengthen it. Read more »

Settling the dust

Arriving home to 65mm in the rain gauge is an amazing thing! Such a beautiful sight to see. All we can think is, how much did we really get? Since we were off reserve for almost four weeks and the rain was falling in the first week we were away, some will have evaporated from the gauge. The Mulligan still continues to trickle across the… Read more »

Rats and dragons at Ethabuka

This April has seen rats descend upon Ethabuka – the self-proclaimed Sydney University 'Ratcatchers' research team that is. It’s is a rare occurrence to have such a large team of the Sydney Uni research crew visiting, and a special one as the research heads in to its 26th year at Ethabuka. Read more »

Greening up at Cravens Peak

During the past month at Cravens Peak and Ethabuka the country has transformed due to a number of rain fall events. Though some areas have received quiet patchy totals, the areas where falls were heavy and water has accumulated have evolved to another world. The Mulligan River ran over the access road for a week and sometimes reached appeared over  2 meters in depth. These flows found their way down… Read more »