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Little visitor

Arriving at the Scottsdale shearing shed early one morning I heard a little commotion as I opened the door. To my surprise I found this little guy trying to make his escape through a closed window. With a little bit of wrangling I managed to catch him before any damage was done. I wasn't sure what he was to start with but Phil Palmer, Scottsdale'… Read more »

Green army

Over winter and some of spring and on a weekly basis the Green army from Canberra have been helping out with a number of projects around Scottsdale reserve. There main objective was fence removal with some poa planting, tree planting and tree guard removal thrown in to change it up a bit. Without a word of complaint these young men and woman headed off into the hills on the… Read more »

One in a million

How long would it take, without being a professional photographer, to capture an image as special as this one? Although you can only see four wedge-tails in this photo there were actually five actively hunting this mob of roos. Read more »

Extreme volunteering

Long-time supporter and first-time volunteer Stephanie Robertson has just finished a week of weed spraying on Scottsdale in some pretty ordinary weather. She was greeted with about 5cm of snow Monday morning, then a week's worth of -6 to -8 degree morning temperatures. Read more »

A bit of comfort

A group of volunteers recently got together on Scottsdale Reserve to insulate and line part of the shearing shed. With a temperature range of -10c to +40c it will make things a little more comfortable for sleeping. Read more »