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Warddeken biodiversity survey in Arnhem Land

Warddeken Land Management ran a biodiversity survey in a very special place - Baby Dreaming Country - in the Northern part of the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area. This beautiful and significant area had never been surveyed before and many interesting animals were recorded. Bush Heritage Healthy Landscape Manager and Ecologist, Allana Brown, writes about her experience.  Read more »

Camera trapping for northern bettongs at Yourka Reserve

Not even an impeding cyclone nor freezing creek crossings could put off the intrepid camera trappers at Yourka Reserve last week. Bush Heritage staff Paul Hales (Reserve Manager), Allana Brown (Healthy Landscape Manager and Ecologist) and volunteer Robert Goodwill teamed up with WWF’s Jess Koleck to establish 19 camera traps around Yourka’s most inaccessible ridge lines. Read more »