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Secret camera captures a murder

Unfortunately, my camera trap didn’t record any Malleefowl, but it did capture a murder – which is the term for a group or flock of crows or ravens. At one time there were seven Australian ravens (Corvus coronoides) in front of the camera – milling, dancing, landing and taking-off – and collectively triggering-off hundreds of photos with their antics. Read more »

Bush Heritage volunteers catch up in Perth

Perth is home to a large cohort of Bush Heritage volunteers. Last week the group caught up in Fremantle to share a coffee, meet new and old friends, and hear an update. We were lucky to have Lis McLellan (Healthy Landscape Manager, Western Rangelands) and Erica Suosaari (Research Fellow, Hamelin Station Reserve) join us to provide an update… Read more »

A great community day in the South Australian arid lands

This May Bush Heritage participated in 'NEP-Fest' – the North East Pastoral Natural Resources Group Field Day, at Weekaroo Station (a sheep Station pursuing sustainable management). Weekaroo is a neighbour of our Boolcoomatta Station Reserve. Glen Norris (Healthy Landscapes Manager SA & Victoria), Katrina Blake (Access & Visitation Coordinator) and Jo Axford (Community Engagement WA & SA) made the trek to Weekaroo with Boolcoomatta staff Di and… Read more »

Beautiful Boolcoomatta

In May I travelled to the beautiful Boolcoomatta Station Reserve in South Australia. On my way there I was fortunate to meet up with some of Bush Heritage's fantastic Adelaide-based volunteers. This was a great opportunity to meet one another, put a face-to-a-name, and provide an update on the South Australian program. From there I headed to Broken Hill with Katrina Blake (Access & Visitation Coordinator). What… Read more »

An eagle’s nictitating membrane

Annie and Ian Mayo are long-term valued Bush Heritage volunteers. The couple recently spent time travelling around Western Australia and volunteering at different Bush Heritage reserves. Annie sent in the following post and photo of a Wedge-tailed Eagle's evil-looking third eye-lid. Read more »

Keeping it in the family

For the past week Ian and I have been volunteering at Hamelin Station Reserve where our primary job is to remove unwanted internal fencing. With hundreds of kilometres of fence to pull, there’s plenty to keep other willing volunteers busy, should you feel so inclined. After pulling the fences we load the wire and posts into the trailer and then unload them at the reserve ‘tip’,… Read more »

Hamelin Outback Station Stay - open for the 2017 tourist season!

Last week Bush Heritage's Hamelin Outback Station Stay opened for the 2017 season. We are delighted to see the wonderful Station Stay team - Jackie Mahood, Denise Ivers and David Hulks - return to Hamelin for 2017, revitalised after the summer break. Station Stay Manager Jackie Mahood said as she pulled the car up at the Station Stay after a four-month break, she was welcomed by a beautiful chorus… Read more »

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