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Restoration workshop at Eurardy Reserve

Eurardy Reserve is a special place, with some 700 plant species on the reserve, including a number of threatened, priority-listed and locally endemic species. It's a haven of floristic diversity and spectacular scenery coloured by the oranges, blues and reds of native wildflowers. However there are parts of Eurardy that are missing this special aspect. There are cleared patches, a legacy of Eurardy’s agricultural history, that have… Read more »

Bird Surveys and Western Grasswrens at Hamelin Reserve

Recently Hamelin station had an influx of keen birdwatchers from the Geraldton and Perth Birdlife groups who came to help out with our initial surveys. Our dedicated group set out at 5:30 every morning to cover a range of habitats all over Hamelin. Braving the hot weather we recorded over 100 species in three days which is pretty impressive! Hamelin has had an excellent year in terms of rainfall and the … Read more »

Coming to Eurardy and the Western Rangelands

After moving to Eurardy Reserve to work as an ecologist on the Bush Heritage reserves in the Western Rangelands, my wife and I have been settling in and making it our new home. We’ve spent our time getting to know the landscape and its spectacular array of wildlife and plants. From the stunning Red-tailed Black Cockatoos that welcome you home as you drive through the gate to… Read more »