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Gambusias & rain – tracking the enemy at Edgbaston

Rain events and flooding at Edgbaston Reserve allow many species to move between the springs. Unfortunately this is how the small feral pest fish Gambusia (Gambusia hollbrooki) invades precious Red-finned Blue-eye habitat. Freshwater Ecologist Rob Wager and volunteer ecologist Christina Kindermann were fortunate to be able to monitor a rainfall event and the dispersal of Gambusia. Read more »

The first new-style gambusia exclusion fence installed at Edgbaston Reserve

The Red-fin Blue-eye and Edgbaston Goby are endangered fish found only in a few artesian springs on Edgbaston Reserve in central Queensland. They're threatened by the invasive Gambusia fish. To protect the blue-eyes and gobies, in May 2016 five volunteers helped Bush Heritage contractor David (Cujo) Coulton and Bush Heritage freshwater ecologist Rob Wager to install the… Read more »

Fish-eye view of life in Edgbaston Springs

The springs at Edgbaston are so shallow that Freshwater Ecologist, Rob Wager, didn’t think there was much chance of successfully filming the endangered Rred-finned Blue-eye and Edgbaston Goby. Most underwater cameras are just too large for the shallow water in which red-finned blue-eyes live. But with a new generation rugged sports camera buried into the mud and vegetation, and the lens just poking out… Read more »