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When geckos attack

Thirteen new fauna species were added to the Yourka species list thanks to a week of survey work in late May. The additions included four mammals, five amphibians and four reptiles, including this feisty little gecko, who likes to punch well above his weight. Read more »

Pygmy acrobats finally confirmed at Yourka

Spotlighting again this week at Yourka and we’re thrilled to announce there has been another addition to the species list. Acrobates pygmaeus seems like a pretty appropriate sounding name for the world’s smallest gliding mammal, weighing in at only around 10-15g in adulthood yet boasting the ability to glide over 20m between trees and even reported to be able to run up a vertical… Read more »

Wallaby weigh station

The Bridled Nail-tail wallaby (aka Flashjack) is one of Australia’s rarest and most endangered macropods –there are only around 300 left in the wild. On Avocet Nature Refuge, neighbouring our Goonderoo Reserve in Central Queensland, our staff and volunteers have the privilege of supporting innovative work that's successfully boosting breeding numbers in the wild. Read more »

Grandparenting on Goonderoo

You might think of a holiday with your grandchild as a time of intense happy chaos involving endless theme park lines, or perhaps swatting mosquitoes around a campfire or even plunking on a beach in an exotic location. If so, what I'm about to say might shake up your concept of a cross-generational getaway but stay with me, because if our recent experience of grand parenting on the go… Read more »

(Little) man on a mission

The billabongs of Sunday Creek valley are a well-known feature of Yourka Reserve in far north Queensland, so when our friends from the Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association (​ANGFA) recently told us that there were feral fish present in the one below the Yourka shed we were a bit disappointed. Read more »

Dirt track detectives at Goonderoo

Volunteers Tony and Vicky Darlington had never heard of 'sand pad monitoring' when they signed up for a stint as caretakers at Goonderoo Reserve in Central Queensland. But with some simple instructions and a little bit of practise they soon got their 'eye in' as dirt-track detectives. Read more »

Volunteers rained in at Ethabuka

When heavy rains fell in western Queensland earlier this year, regular volunteers, Ann and Frank Ingwersen from ACT, found themselves on an unexpected, extended caretaker stay at Ethabuka Reserve. Here Ann and Frank share their remarkable experience of being "rained in" in the desert. Read more »

Fencing for conservation at Edgbaston Reserve

Exclusion fencing has become a modern land management technique. In a farming context it's done to achieve better production. Property owners or groups of property owners (called a cluster) build fences around their properties to exclude animals such as Dingoes and Kangaroos. In a conservation context it's done to exclude cats and foxes and to let native birds and mammals thrive. But how can this idea be… Read more »

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