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Threatened birds almost in the shed!

We were lucky enough to have volunteer Gillian Carter come out to Scottsdale for some weed spraying recently. The following has been posted on her behalf: Hooded Robins and Diamond Firetail Finches are both listed as vulnerable species in NSW – but both are regular visitors to the Scottsdale Reserve HQ (or shed). To the naked eye Diamond Firetails are just little brown birds flitting around – a bit like… Read more »

Early days of a new poa grassland

Over the last few weeks Greening Australia (aka Ben H) and many volunteers have been plugging away down on the river flats on Scottsdale Reserve. About 15,000 poas have been planted, some bought in and some grown in the Scottsdale nursery by Sue Connelly. The stark contrast in browned off grasses and bright green poas was too much for some – the wombats moved in, grazing and lifting oh so… Read more »

More students, more rain!

On 19th May, 17 Environmental Management students from the Australian National University (ANU) visited Scottsdale Reserve. Coming from a diverse range of locations – including Costa Rica, Myanmar, Indonesia and Africa – the students were interested in the kinds of field survey and monitoring that guide Scottsdale’s management. They were engaged in a variety of activities such as reptile surveys, kangaroo abundance counts and grassland assessments. Caught in a… Read more »

That is close!

Brett Peden, Field Officer at Scottsdale Reserve, came across this handsome beast hanging around the shed complex the other day. A Rosenberg's monitor, or heath monitor (Varanus rosenbergi), is a species of monitor lizard found in disjunct populations across southern Australia. Read more »

Local students learning to use remote cameras

Working with our partners in the Kosciuszko 2 Coast project we hosted a visit of eight adult students from the local Canberra Institute of Technology. An excellent overnight visit was had as they worked out how to use and where to place remote sensing cameras for best effect. A short survey in time, but with excellent results as there were surprisingly few false triggers from blowing leaves/grass, etc. (although there… Read more »

Bird on a pole

We've had an ongoing issue with rabbits living in the embankment of a disused railway line - it's proving difficult to get rid of them.  A long-time regular volunteer, Cliffy, suggested putting in a perch for a brown falcon that he regularly saw in the area, to help keep the pressure on the rabbits. He nagged for a year, and finally we put two perches in. That… Read more »

Maccas at Scottsdale!

This is very exciting news! Just as February ended Prue and her merry band of helpers caught the first recorded Macquarie Perch here at Scottsdale on the Murrumbidgee. Previously we'd caught Murray Cod and a lot of carp in the area. Working with Prue on her Phd and DPI Fisheries there has been a lot of surveys, electronic tagging of fish, acoustic arrays and… Read more »

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