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Bunuba 49,000 year old stone axe – officially the oldest in the World

Forty nine thousand years is old by anyone’s measure. The Bunuba people were proudly in the national spotlight recently when the Australian National University published its carbon dating of a Bunuba polished stone axe. The discovery pushes the development of axe technology back to between 45,000 and 49,000 years ago, coinciding with the arrival of people in Australia. The fragment is 10,000 years older… Read more »

Birriliburu and Bunuba Partnerships: empowering rangers and sharing knowledge

It was one of those working weeks when you get to truly appreciate the opportunities Bush Heritage partnerships offer and how they contribute to successful conservation and cultural management outcomes. Travelling off the Canning Stock Route into the Birriliburu Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) within the remote Little Sandy Desert; our objective for the week was to implement ground burning in remote areas around Katjarra (the Carnarvon Range)… Read more »

Leadership reconciliation recognition for Bunuba women

Sometimes we get to meet people who truly inspire us individually and collectively. June Oscar is one of these people. We're privileged to have such a strong indigenous woman on our Aboriginal Engagement Committee, bringing her wisdom and experience to Bush Heritage. June Oscar, AO, is one of Australia's most energetic indigenous leaders, and has won the Desmond Tutu Reconciliation Fellowship for 2016. This prestigious award celebrates… Read more »

Windmills and other indigenous challenges - The Bunuba Partnership

I’ve never before been as exposed to such recent contact history as here in the Kimberly, while re-experiencing from my Kakadu years, the many and varied challenges remote Aboriginal communities  historically and continue to face. In a whirlwind of emotions I can listened and smile as two elder women tell their story of how they literally walked out of the desert as young girls with their parents,… Read more »

Croc wrangling for a healthy country

The Bunuba Rangers have just finished participating in the annual freshwater crocodile survey of Windjanna Gorge. Led by WA Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW) ecologists, a spotlight survey recorded 170 crocs in the main pool, consistent with previous annual surveys. The team then proceeded to capture 76 crocodiles in a netting program to record their weight and sex, tag them and to take genetic samples. A number… Read more »

Teamwork wins the game

In a state as mad about AFL footy as Western Australia, it’s timely that Bush Heritage kicks off the 2nd quarter of the Bunuba Dawangarri partnership based out of Fitzroy Crossing. Bush Heritage is demonstrating real commitment to being an integral partner in supporting and facilitating the development of the Bunuba Jalangurru Muwayi - Healthy Country Plan (HCP). Read more »

Artesian spring doppelganger

'Bubbles' is an artificial spring that has recently been constructed on Edgbaston Reserve as part of the red fin blue eye (RFBE) recovery program. Using the artesian water from the homestead bore, Bush Heritage staff have placed a water riser within the earth mound that bubbles out water like the natural springs on Edgbaston. Being raised and secured away from the natural drainage lines means the invasive gambusia fish that… Read more »

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