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Rare Feather Flower protection at Kojonup

The shy feather flower (Verticordia fimbrelepis fimbrelepis) that grows on our Kojonup Reserve in south-west Western Australia is one of just 13 known populations left in the wild. A prescribed burn of part of this population was carried out recently in a joint project between Bush Heritage and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. In a bid to revitalise the ageing plants a cool fire was carried out in perfect conditions… Read more »

Return of the birds

A wide variety of birds are returning to our Monjebup North property, in the Gondwana Link pathway in southwest WA, just 4 years after the paddocks were seeded with native plants. Volunteers Annie and Ian Mayo recently spent a few days camping on the reserve in the area that was replanted in winter 2012, and they turned up a few surprises. They had volunteered to erect 30 Pygmy… Read more »

Restoring bird habitat in south-west WA

Bird surveys of restored farmland are always full of surprises and this year was no exception. As a Gondwana Link Ecologist, I've been doing bird surveys at Monjebup, Chingarrup, Beringa and Yarraweyah Falls over the past two weeks. The surveys have occurred a bit later this year owing to the wild, wet and windy weather that's seen the local gravel roads closed to heavy traffic many times… Read more »

How many ecologists does it take to check a nest box?

Our Kojonup Reserve has once again come up with the goods. Red-tailed Phascogales have been found in abundance. The recent survey found 23 individuals and I was amazed to pull five animals out of one of the nest boxes! Numbers have been growing steadily since their translocation to the site in 2010 and 2011. They've made use of nearly all the 61 nest boxes that are… Read more »

What does $8,000 worth of seed look like?

Restoration on our Monjebup property in Gondwana Link, southwest Western Australia, has received a boost with donor support to establish food plants for the threatened Carnaby's Black Cockatoo. Eva Palmer is supporting a three year project to put more proteaceous plants back into the landscape for these birds. The initial phase was a trial of direct sowing by machine of proteaceous seed, which in the past… Read more »

It’s all about birds

Bush Heritage staff in Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia, recently hosted a group of bird enthusiasts on our Monjebup property. The field trip was part of the Festival of Birds, which is organised each year by Green Skills and includes a variety of events around Albany and beyond. On Monjebup the group heard all about the recently completed restoration of 400 hectares of… Read more »

A waterfall, in mid-summer, in Southwest WA!

Yes this is a waterfall, and yes this is the middle of summer in the southwest of Western Australia.  Bill and Jane Thompson (our partners, whose Yarraweyah Falls​ property adjoins our Monjebup Reserve) had strict instructions to let me (Angela Sanders, Gondwana Link Ecologist) know if the waterfall on their property ever got going. They are both from Queensland, the land of… Read more »

Hidden camera bounty from Monjebup Creek

When I put out five cameras on our recently acquired Monjebup Creek Reserve in Gondwana Link I had no idea what I might find. The cameras were out and working hard for 5 months in total and the results have been amazing. We have a healthy population of Tammar Wallabies and Malleefowl, and they featured on prominently on most cameras. The cameras were placed in a saline shrubland, moort woodland, claypan… Read more »

Fitz-Stirling fauna

Our recent fauna survey kept us busy on the Gondwana Link Fitz-Stirling properties, with 260 pitfall traps working on 5 properties over 15 days. Our volunteers were thrilled to see honey possums and pygmy possums for the first time and some saw native bush rats. With variable weather the reptile activity was a bit slow, although we did see a few more active on the roads. A thunderstorm brought the… Read more »

5-star phascogale boxes

Here is a red-tailed phascogale pic taken during our recent survey of Kojonup Researve in south west Westerm Australia. We found 16 in total with two boxes each having four animals in them. We're replacing the old boxes with 5-star accommodation for them. They now have over 60 boxes to choose from, and are using the boxes we put up in new areas of the reserve.   Read more »

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