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Restoration of reserve’s pastoral history

It’s one of the joys of living and working on Carnarvon – the captivating and inspiring people that cross our path each year. Although not everyone arrives with a conservation undertaking in mind, very few leave uninspired in some way by this amazing landscape, deBurgh Joyce and John Hay were no exception.  Two rural gentlemen with an outstanding passion for detail, sustainability… Read more »

Qld Bushies get down and dirty for charity

Much of Queensland has still not seen a decent wet season, with many areas of the state moving into a third year of lower than average rainfall. However at Bush Heritage's Ethabuka Reserve in the state’s far west this is certainly not the case – in March the property received nearly its total average annual rainfall. The above average rainfall left Ethabuka's… Read more »

Carnarvon’s most valuable resource – our volunteers

Living on a remote reserve comes with many challenges and, believe it or not, leaving the reserve can often become one of the major ones – especially during wildfire season or leaving behind a menagerie of orphaned wildlife.  Our Bush Heritage volunteers provide an invaluable resource to the reserves. All our volunteers offers their own individual skill sets, but equally important is the confidence in knowing that the… Read more »

Highlights from Carnarvon Bush Blitz

All is now quiet on Carnarvon Station Reserve, the last of the goodbyes reluctantly completed.  I’m witness to the cavalcade of vehicles as they drive down through Carnarvon’s Channin creek for the last time.  The vehicles laden with hundreds of valuable little treasures, as part of this week’s Bush Blitz biodiversity survey. Read more »

Bush Blitz on Carnarvon Station Reserve

Expedition “Bush Blitz” have set up base camp on Carnarvon Station Reserve this week.  For the next ten days, our Bush Heritage staff will assist Australia’s top scientists by guiding them into some of Carnarvon’s most remote landscapes identified as priority targets on the 59 000 ha reserve.  This will include the numerous escarpments, grasslands, vine thickets, permanent springs and open woodland forests as… Read more »

Spring temps and visitors for Carnarvon

Springtime’s customary balmier temps have arrived at Carnarvon Station Reserve, giving life to some stunning native wildflowers, and offering some picture-perfect platforms for an afternoon sunset viewing. Recent prescribed burns followed by an unexpected 90ml of rainfall for the month of September has equipped the landscape beautifully for the summer growing season ahead, bringing about an extraordinary transformation to much of this diverse landscape. We welcomed our… Read more »

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