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Naree’s last volunteers for 2016

In the opposite corner of NSW, somewhere out the back of Bourke, lies Naree Station – a long way from home for us. In November 2016 we answered the call to volunteer at this iconic station owned by Bush Heritage, helping UNSW PhD student Justin McCann in his studies. We were joined by another willing, adventurous volunteer, Zoe Burke. With Justin as our fearless leader we traversed and criss-crossed kilometres… Read more »

Spring visitors enjoy Naree

Winter has been kind to Naree Station reserve, bringing plentiful rain and turning the landscape into an emerald green paradise. We've been busy hosting visitors, volunteers and workers through the cooler months, including a donor visit in August and a tagalong-tour in September. Read more »

Mulga magic at Naree

Naree and Yantabulla stations have many iconic symbols of the Australian bush, and one of the most noticeable as you drive around the two properties is 'the mulga' – silvery grey acacia shrubs and trees growing on brilliant red sandy soils. Almost 40% of the two properties supports mulga – which are unusual in being long-lived acacias where most species are known for having short lives. It can take 100 years for… Read more »

Endangered snake found at Naree

Our volunteer botanists, John and Vanessa Hunter, found more than interesting plants on their last visit to Naree Station in April this year – pictured is a Ringed Brown Snake (Pseudonaja modesta) encountered during a monitoring trip. Listed as an endangered species in New South Wales the snake’s habitat has suffered severe fragmentation, degradation and loss, and the species on which it preys – skinks – are declining… Read more »

Visitor season at Naree

Autumn through to spring is the peak period for visitors to Naree, with cooler weather allowing many activities not possible during the searing summer months. 2015 has been no exception, with more than 130 visitor nights logged between mid-March and the end of May. Read more »

Good fences and good neighbours at Naree

We fired up in earnest on fencing season a couple of weeks ago here at Naree – autumn and spring are the most suitable times to do the work in this extreme climate. But autumn is taking its time in coming, with summer still dragging on and on, fighting to maintain its iron grip on this part of the world. We eye the thermometer each day, knowing that the contractors… Read more »

Exploring Naree’s Back Creek Swamp

The first flow from the Warrego River into the Cuttaburra Creek system for three years continues to delight and surprise us here at Naree Station. Although the flow was just 5% of what's needed to create a full-on boom for our ephemeral wetlands, water still managed to trickle into some unexpected places. Read more »

Spring tag-along tour at Naree

Twelve adventurers took part in Naree’s first tagalong tour on 12-14 September 2014, travelling to the back of Bourke from several far flung locations. Bringing all their own gear and food, the party made camp for two nights in a shady mulga woodland setting at the edge of one of Naree’s beautiful ephemeral wetlands – the Coolibah Swamp, where a few shallow pools still lingered from the… Read more »

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