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Hector & Sadie; clean & tidy

One the less glamorous but necessary jobs for Bush Heritage staff who live and work on remote reserves, is the management of household rubbish and other waste materials.  Another is keeping reserve infrastructure such visitors quarters, machinery sheds, workshops etc. well maintained plus efficient in terms of the resources they use, such as water, power and gas.  We call these jobs our “Hector – trash collector”… Read more »

Rehab success

Various infiltration and soil erosion mitigation techniques have been applied in some areas on Bon Bon Station Reserve over the past few years, where we've had the tools (and advice) available to start a repair process.  We've some attached photos here to show the results so far. Read more »

Buffel busters team up

Chipping large grass tussocks out of dry soil is hard work by anyone's standards; but team up a few pros with shovels and hoes for a weekend of digging and lookout buffel grass! With 12 volunteers in all, 50 large bags were filled with buffel grass tussocks and seed heads from the Freshwater Creek line on Bon Bon Station Reserve, helping to contain a major infestation from moving downstream. Read more »

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