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A great community day in the South Australian arid lands

This May Bush Heritage participated in 'NEP-Fest' – the North East Pastoral Natural Resources Group Field Day, at Weekaroo Station (a sheep Station pursuing sustainable management). Weekaroo is a neighbour of our Boolcoomatta Station Reserve. Glen Norris (Healthy Landscapes Manager SA & Victoria), Katrina Blake (Access & Visitation Coordinator) and Jo Axford (Community Engagement WA & SA) made the trek to Weekaroo with Boolcoomatta staff Di and… Read more »

Beautiful Boolcoomatta

In May I travelled to the beautiful Boolcoomatta Station Reserve in South Australia. On my way there I was fortunate to meet up with some of Bush Heritage's fantastic Adelaide-based volunteers. This was a great opportunity to meet one another, put a face-to-a-name, and provide an update on the South Australian program. From there I headed to Broken Hill with Katrina Blake (Access & Visitation Coordinator). What… Read more »

Mapping cats at Boolcoomatta

Hi! I’m Emily and I'm a science intern here at Boolcoomatta Reserve in the arid rangelands of South Australia. My primary focus over the next two months is to collect data on the distribution of feral cats here. Feral cats are arguably Australia’s most devastating introduced species. They've been linked to the decline and extinction of many birds, reptiles and small mammals. Here at… Read more »

Summer caretaking at Boolcoomatta - a shared experience (part II)

Neil and Kate Stone and their two children, Emily and Daniel, took over the responsibility of caretaking Boolcoomatta Reserve from Meredith and Tony Geyer a few days after Christmas. They spent a day with the Geyers running through the day-to-day duties and then were left to their own devices for a 3-week adventure on one of our most iconic properties. Read more »

Sturt’s Desert Pea

During September we received 104mm of rain at Boolcoomatta Reserve - an area with an annual average of 220 mm. October we received no rain, and to date, less than 10mm in November. But we're up around 285mm for the year to date, and hope to receive more summer rains to help grass production. Daily temperatures are now fluctuating between mid to high 20s and low 40s, with strong winds… Read more »

Landscape change, hail across the land

Around 5pm last Thursday night we experienced an amazing storm that brought with it dramatic clouds, horizontal rain and large hail stones. Fortunately at the homestead area hailstones were only about the size of a large marble and perfect to drop into a gin and tonic.  This storm, however, was far more intense north of the homestead and in Broken Hill. In those… Read more »

Fox baiting at Boolcoomatta

The fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a brilliant animal, adaptable to so many climates, yet so destructive to our native fauna.  At Boolcoomatta Reserve Bush Heritage has been baiting foxes since 2009, with very good success. This graph of baits taken highlights the success during the initial intensive baiting program from 2009 to 2011.  Recently we completed another round of baiting, testing and recording bait take, at the same 200 bait… Read more »

Boolcoomatta woolshed

Cultural layers cross all the lands and Boolcoomatta is no different.  The massive stone woolshed at Boolcoomatta is coming up to 150 years old. With this in mind we've put out a call to skilled volunteers from the Broken Hill community to help us with ongoing maintenance of this magnificent building. During a recent working bee, the woolshed had a clean out as part of an assessment of… Read more »

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