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Secret camera captures a murder

Unfortunately, my camera trap didn’t record any Malleefowl, but it did capture a murder – which is the term for a group or flock of crows or ravens. At one time there were seven Australian ravens (Corvus coronoides) in front of the camera – milling, dancing, landing and taking-off – and collectively triggering-off hundreds of photos with their antics. Read more »

Relocating the family to Charles Darwin Reserve

William Hansen is the new Charles Darwin Reserve Manager. Here he reflects on his first few months with Bush Heritage and family life on the reserve. "During my time with Bush Heritage the organisation has proven to be all I had hoped for and more. Considering the rigorous, science-based management that I have now seen first-hand, it's not hard to understand where their outstanding record for conservation comes… Read more »

Collaborative and high-tech Malleefowl project in the Mid-west

Located in the mid-west of Western Australia, our Charles Darwin Reserve occurs in a region that's listed as a National Important Bird Area for Malleefowl. Malleefowl are large ground-dwelling, mound-building birds listed as Vulnerable under Commonwealth biodiversity legislation and identified in the National Threatened Species Strategy.  Bush Heritage joined with our neighbours – the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Ninghan Station – as well as the North-Central… Read more »

Blues for the Bush 2016

Delights of the beautiful Charles Darwin Reserve were shared with over 1,400 people on the weekend at Blues for the Bush 2016. This fantastic event brought together people from around WA and further afield to learn about our conservation effort in the rangelands and to be inspired by nature, amazing art, music, food and creativity. Read more »

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