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Breathing new life into the old shearing shed at Hamelin Station Reserve

It was wonderful to attend the recent Science Fair at Hamelin Station Reserve and to see the property’s old shearing shed once again come alive – with science and learning, and passion and participation. The old weatherboard and corrugated-iron shearing shed “hung-up its shears” in 2015, when Bush Heritage purchased the 202,644 hectare property on the eastern boundary of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. The old shed… Read more »

Hamelin Station Reserve - a hotspot for birders

Given its location adjacent to the Shark Bay World Heritage Area it’s not surprising that Hamelin Station Reserve in Outback Western Australia is fast building a reputation as a 'go-to hotspot' for bird-watchers. More than 170 species of birds have been recorded on the Reserve thus far, with regulars such as Rainbow Bee-eaters (Merops ornatus) and Chiming Wedgebills (Psophodes occidentalis)… Read more »

An eagle’s nictitating membrane

Annie and Ian Mayo are long-term valued Bush Heritage volunteers. The couple recently spent time travelling around Western Australia and volunteering at different Bush Heritage reserves. Annie sent in the following post and photo of a Wedge-tailed Eagle's evil-looking third eye-lid. Read more »

Keeping it in the family

For the past week Ian and I have been volunteering at Hamelin Station Reserve where our primary job is to remove unwanted internal fencing. With hundreds of kilometres of fence to pull, there’s plenty to keep other willing volunteers busy, should you feel so inclined. Read more »

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