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Naree’s last volunteers for 2016

In the opposite corner of NSW, somewhere out the back of Bourke, lies Naree Station – a long way from home for us. In November 2016 we answered the call to volunteer at this iconic station owned by Bush Heritage, helping UNSW PhD student Justin McCann in his studies. We were joined by another willing, adventurous volunteer, Zoe Burke. With Justin as our fearless leader we traversed and criss-crossed kilometres… Read more »

Unlocking our volunteers’ skills

Scottsdale Reserve, near the ACT, attracts over 300 volunteers each and every year. They bring various skills, experiences and energy to the work that they do. All of us have a unique skill or passion that makes us individual. On Scottsdale Reserve we embrace diversity and thrive on bringing out the skills and passions of our volunteers. However, sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper in… Read more »

A frog census on Scottsdale

This month has seen two volunteers wandering through the bush on Scottsdale in the semi-darkness, visiting the wetter areas, carrying with them iPads, microphones and thermometers, and performing esoteric rituals. No, we’re not completely crazy, we’re just taking a census of the frog population!   Read more »

Sensational Scottsdale

Scottsdale Reserve really turned on the charm with some beautiful weather to welcome two groups of bequest supporters for an inspirational weekend. Hosted by the charismatic reserve management team of Phil Palmer and Brett Peden and Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Stook, 27 of our most committed bequest supporters were treated to a diverse tour. Read more »

Volunteers undertake huge Platypus surveys!

We're not talking about surveying a huge Platypus, but about the huge effort Bush Heritage volunteers and Scottsdale Reserve Manager Phil Palmer have put in to support the Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch’s Platypus surveys this year!  Scottsdale Reserve has been a Waterwatch Platypus survey site for 3 years, but in previous years it was only surveyed once per season. This year … Read more »

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