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School holiday with a difference

Scott and Leanne Wilkinson were looking for a different type of school holiday experience for their young family when they wrote in response to a volunteer ad we posted late last year. They recently spent a couple of weeks at Carnarvon Reserve in Central Queensland, and they were not disappointed. Read more »

Hard yakka digging pitfall holes at Edgbaston Reserve

Last week I was tasked with setting up of a series of permanent fauna and flora monitoring sites at Bush Heritage’s Edgbaston Reserve. When asked to do it I couldn’t help but suppress a groan. Don’t get me wrong, monitoring is essential – otherwise how would you know if your conservation management strategies are working? But the tiresome aspect of… Read more »

Fencing in the food

Do we really need a fence on our Night Parrot reserve? Fences are a requirement in pastoral rangelands and are vital infrastructure to keep large feral herbivores off reserve, eliminating their impacts on vegetation and critical habitats. Read more »

When geckos attack

Thirteen new fauna species were added to the Yourka species list thanks to a week of survey work in late May. The additions included four mammals, five amphibians and four reptiles, including this feisty little gecko, who likes to punch well above his weight. Read more »

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