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Rare Feather Flower protection at Kojonup

The shy feather flower (Verticordia fimbrelepis fimbrelepis) that grows on our Kojonup Reserve in south-west Western Australia is one of just 13 known populations left in the wild. A prescribed burn of part of this population was carried out recently in a joint project between Bush Heritage and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. In a bid to revitalise the ageing plants a cool fire was carried out in perfect conditions… Read more »

Secret camera captures a murder

Unfortunately, my camera trap didn’t record any Malleefowl, but it did capture a murder – which is the term for a group or flock of crows or ravens. At one time there were seven Australian ravens (Corvus coronoides) in front of the camera – milling, dancing, landing and taking-off – and collectively triggering-off hundreds of photos with their antics. Read more »

Bush Heritage volunteers catch up in Perth

Perth is home to a large cohort of Bush Heritage volunteers. Last week the group caught up in Fremantle to share a coffee, meet new and old friends, and hear an update. We were lucky to have Lis McLellan (Healthy Landscape Manager, Western Rangelands) and Erica Suosaari (Research Fellow, Hamelin Station Reserve) join us to provide an update… Read more »

Relocating the family to Charles Darwin Reserve

William Hansen is the new Charles Darwin Reserve Manager. Here he reflects on his first few months with Bush Heritage and family life on the reserve. "During my time with Bush Heritage the organisation has proven to be all I had hoped for and more. Considering the rigorous, science-based management that I have now seen first-hand, it's not hard to understand where their outstanding record for conservation comes… Read more »

An eagle’s nictitating membrane

Annie and Ian Mayo are long-term valued Bush Heritage volunteers. The couple recently spent time travelling around Western Australia and volunteering at different Bush Heritage reserves. Annie sent in the following post and photo of a Wedge-tailed Eagle's evil-looking third eye-lid. Read more »

A fabulous geological field trip to Shark Bay

Bush Heritage was thrilled to again host the annual Curtin University Shark Bay field trip at the Hamelin Outback Station Stay on Hamelin Station reserve Over the past two decades Curtin University Applied Geology Students have made the trek to the Shark Bay region to examine the geology of the southern Carnarvon Basin. The students are divided into two groups. The first group arrived at the station and was given… Read more »

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